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lil bean adopts! [OPEN] by iceiline
lil bean adopts! [OPEN]
seashell seashell seashell seashell 
these little beans just

can't wait for a home to belong to!

the adopts have a flat price of $25 dollars each!
Deep sea fantasy-OPEN
Pastel Princess-OPEN
seashell seashell seashell seashell 
Amai by iceiline


Pokemon: Cutiefly 

General Info: 21 l Male l 5'4" l Homosexual

Village: Scorched Mountain 

Job: Bounty Hunter 

Ability: Shield Dust 

-Play Rough
-Draining Kiss

-Aura of living beings
-Emotions of others

 -Winter and Fall
-The cold
-Being called short
-Being called a little girl
-Spicy food
-Tight spaces

Personality: Although Amai is a lover of all things sugar he is anything but sweet. He has a sour personality that seems to contrast his cute 
looking exterior. He's not afraid to talk back and gives sass to almost everyone he talks to. Amai loves to push other peoples buttons and 
manipulate them with fake words that lack any meaning behind them. Amai also loves to be showered with gifts, money and admiration.
Don't let his adorable face fool you, he's nothing but a cheat with a rotten core. 

       Amais history starts right from when he was a little kid living with his parents in a small house that was run down and needed considerable
repairs. The family lived in poverty, Amais mother still tried her best to give her son the best childhood that was possible in their situation.
Although the boys mother smiled when she played and sat with her son she cried when he slept, always counting money and saving up for toys he could play with
. Amais favorite toy was a partially deflated ball that his mother gifted him for his birthday. The family wore nothing but rags and ate scraps that they found or Oran berries that they stole from unfenced gardens. Although times were rough, in the end the family still bound together through all the troubles that were
thrown their way.
       A few months after Amais thirteenth birthday, his father was sent away to serve as samurai for thier small village. At first Amai brushed it off, thinking
his father would return in due time...but as many winters passed he never came back. The boy grew to hate the winter time for it was during this season that 
his father was taken away from him. His mother fell into a deep depression and the two continued to starve ever more as his father was not there
to supply them with scraps that he would bring back from his hunts for food. 
      When Amai turned fifteen the boy thought that enough was enough. His small, malnourished body looked frail and sickly but he still
decided that he must be the one to go out and support his dying mother. He searched far and wide for a way to earn money to provide for the two but then 
gave up, turning to prostitution and selling his body as a means too support the last member of his family. 
          As the years went by the boy turned tainted beyond repair, his innocent childhood ripped  harshly away from him. He became addicted to
feeling of intimacy and money against his skin. It was like a drug for him. At the end of the day he used half his earnings to support his mother,
keeping his way of making the cash as a secret from her. he wanted to be pure in her eyes. He didn't want her to see what he's become.
         At nineteen Amais mother died due to a sickness during the cold. He wailed and cried, mourned the death of his mother for days and even weeks
on end. He sold himself for her and now she was gone. His sadness turned into an anger beyond recognition. He abandoned his ways of prostitution
and turned to killing instead. he became a bounty hunter. His ability to sense a living creatures aura made him a natural born killer. He didn't see an 
error in his ways. His justification was that if his mother had to eternally suffer without any help from others he would let others suffer too.
        After a year of killing the boy decided to move out of his run down house and migrate to another area. An area full of sensual new auras he 
has never experienced before, and opportunity. Using his child- like appearance, Amai hopes to gain the trust of the people there and then 
slowly use them for his own entertainment.
What is this place you ask? Well it's Scorched Mountain!

Additional info:
 -Amai is short due to his lack of nutrients growing up. Don't ask him about it.
-Although the boy is sour he acts unusually nice to the people he likes. He makes
his crushes feel like they're pampered kings.
- When Amai is very happy or flustered his wings flap or vibrate quickly.
-Amai can't swim well due to his wings.
- When Amai gets money he likes to rub it on his face
-Amai has a small, fluffy, white tail... much like a rabbits
- Amai is insanely pale and burns easily
-Cutieflies are able to detect the aura of living things, that is how
Amai is able to do that.

[i rp with...
-Google docs
-and Chat ]
Mochi by iceiline
I finally 
Gosh it took me forever to make an official one!
Her name is Mochi and she's a red panda.
She has coloring inside her hair and brown on the outside. 
She likes to eat s a l a d s and play league.~
Sais Heart Chart by iceiline
Sais Heart Chart
I'll be updating this periodically so 
check to see if your babies get on it!

(p.s: Sai doesn't have short hair I'm just lazy)

Kao Emoji-04 (Cute) [V1] 

-love mixed with friendship is platonic love
-more info will be added to people once they 
interact with him more
- just regular love means full on love
-love mixed with despise is hate love
-half a heart means well I think it's p obvious
-love mixed with love means that you mean the world to this guy
good job!

.:Fluffy bunny and little star:. 

Although the two just met they seem to have bonded pretty quickly! It may be their love for tricks or their childish demeanor, but it seems that two might grow to be even greater friends in the future if nothing goes wrong. Seeing these two together might mean that trickery might be in someones future.

Sai is one to bond with others quickly, that's a given. He just met this guy yet he already sees him as a friend! Drinking buddy or not he hopes to develop their friendship more in the future as he finds the togekiss to be interesting. 

There isn't much to say about Sai's relationship with the magikarp. He didn't make a very good first impression on him which caused the zoroark to stay away from the red head. Maybe their relationship can be repaired in due time.

The fisher didn't seem to take quite a liking to Sai but that doesn't really bother the guy. He sees the espeon to be a grumpy old man that needs to loosen up. He hopes to one day show the guy a fun time.

Sai met this guy through Hibiki and took quite a liking to him. He sees this man to be perfect to team up and play tricks with. Kinda sees him as a younger sibling. 

Unfortunately Sai doesn't really like this guy. He's not the type of guy to be a fan of law enforcement and grumpy law enforcement  just crosses the line. He felt that the guy was a little bit harsh on him for their first meeting even though he felt awful for scaring the magikarp. He tries to avoid Sanosuke at all costs. There is still room to repair their relationship for now. 
Short Hair Sai by iceiline
Short Hair Sai
Totally not canon
but just a what if.
Honestly I think he looks good with both short
and long hair!
Birb dance 
I won't be posting like anything
cause I'm working on a long commission.
I'm still gonna be here tho just not
uploading anything.


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I like to draw instead of doing homework

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